The Company was established in 1955 by Mr. Georges Gagné. The beginnings were modest as remembered by Claude and Diane Gagné during a phone conversation. From 1 to 2 trucks on the road. Then, it became a prime carrier for several businesses in the region. Mr. Gagné was the right man at the right time by offering a reliable and quality transportation service.

Transportation of building materials and other goods manufactured in the region was carried across the province of Quebec and part of Ontario. Over the years, Transport Delson Ltd became a key player in the industrial development of the Montreal south shore, thanks to the economic boom of the 60s.

Mr. Gagné’s flair was not limited solely to the field of transportation. From 1973 to 2009, he was mayor of the City of Delson. His vision of regional economic development led to the creation of the City of Delson Industrial Park. He was a clever man in his own way.

When they reached adulthood, Claude, Jacques and Louise joined one by one their father’s company, giving it a fresh momentum and opened the door to new business opportunities.

In April 2013, the company founded by Mr. Gagné changed hands. Pierre Aubin, owner of L’Express du Midi Inc., has acquired all the assets of Transport Delson Ltd. This transaction announces a complementarity in the service offerings available between these two companies.

Today, Transport Delson Ltd, still travels the roads of Quebec and Ontario with more than 50 people at your service.